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Restricting Directory Information

Students may restrict directory information from being released publicly.  Restricting directory blocks the release of all directory information.  The FERPA restriction takes precedence over any "Release of Information" forms that the student may have submitted. The privacy shade icon in myWSU Student Center indicates that all of the student’s directory information is restricted.   

Privacy Shade icon FERPAPrivacy Shade icon

"We have no information on that individual"

When a third party contacts WSU for information the response will be “We have no information on that individual”.

When information is restricted

Restricting Directory Information is an important student privilege that results in the following significant impacts:

  • No information will be released to any person (including the student) on the telephone or via an email address that is not @wsu.
  • Verification of enrollment, graduation, or degrees awarded will not be provided to third parties, including potential employers.
  • Student name/address is excluded from the WSU Web Directory.
  • Student will not be included in WSU press releases and hometown news releases.
  • Student name will not appear in the commencement program.

The process for restricting and releasing directory information is a simple, so given the significant impacts students may wish to release directory information for a specific period of time (employer verification of degree) and then withhold release of directory information when the task is completed. 

How to Restrict Directory Information

Students may restrict directory information by logging into their myWSU account by completing the following actions:

  1. Log in to MyWSU at
  2. Click on Profile
  3. Select FERPA Restrictions.
  4. Choose Restrict All.
  5. Click Save.

Requests for restrictions of directory information will be honored until the student removes the FERPA/Directory Restriction from myWSU.


Restrict Directory Information
FERPA Rights and Privacy