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Frequently Asked Questions


What is FERPA?

Why should I care about FERPA?

What are "education records"?

Are there records that are NOT considered "education records"?

Does "written consent" need to be collected on paper?

Who are "school officials"?

What is "legitimate educational interest"?

Do University employees need to obtain the student's permission before reviewing their education record?

Sharing class lists with vendors to allow logins

Research and information on transcripts

Parents: Do parents have any rights under FERPA?

What repercussions can result from an institution found to be in violation of FERPA?

Where can I get more information about FERPA and WSU's student records privacy policies?

Directory Information

What is directory information?

Is the University required to release a student's directory information?

Can a student prevent the release of their directory information?

How does a student prevent the release of their directory information?

How do I know if a student has restricted the release of their directory information?

How does a student remove the restriction on the release of directory information?

Can a student with restricted information be anonymous in an online course?


What are students' rights under FERPA?

Are student-related comments and notes covered by FERPA?

Students have the right to control disclosure of education records?

Conditions when student records may be disclosed without consent

Can any student information be released with the student's permission?

When do student's FERPA rights begin?

What recourse do students have who think their rights have been violated?


How should I return graded papers and assignments?

What is the correct process for posting grades?

How do I send grades to students?

Is peer-grading permitted by FERPA?

How does FERPA relate to Letters of Recommendation?

How do WSU staff obtain FERPA training & certification?

How does a WSU staff/faculty member verify their certification date?


May I post photographs of my students?

May a student record and/or videotape instruction?

FERPA Rights and Privacy